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Chem Source Egypt

Chem Source started in 2013 with the vision of being a leading exporter of Egyptian mining raw material around the whole world. With Customers in Africa, Asia and Far East within few years Chem Source made a global movement and has attained leading position in the international marketplace as pioneer exporter of Mining Products such as, Calcium Carbonate, gypsum, etc. Chem Source became a familiar name in the domestic market in the plastic industry for supplying various Plastic Raw Materials & Additives with the target of satisfying the needs of our domestic clients. Our management system helps us to consistently secure sustainable high performance by monitoring and maintaining high quality in our products to be market oriented and consider our clients as business partners.

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Why Choose Us

Our Vision :

We believe in building high-value and long-term relationships with our clients by becoming the leading Exporter and one of the most reliable and trusted names supplying quality mining products from Egypt by penetrating many foreign markets.

Our Mission :

We are professionals in our field with 10 years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to keep our good reputation by bringing our diverse background and experience to fulfill all our client's requirements as we do know very well how to ease our clients' business.