PP and PE filler

Product description

Using the most advanced technology our PE 002 filler compound is produced from 80 % ultra-fine particle size and excellent whiteness coated calcium carbonate powder and 20% first grade polymer with the necessary additives

Physical Form

PE 002 is a natural color pellets delivered free granulated pellets and will not produce dust or fines during handling or storage.

Product Features:

As PE 002 is produced with ultra-fine coated calcium carbonate it provides better mechanical properties to the film, it has good ink adhesion, low COF, and stronger heat seal strength.

PE 002 leads to increased productivity and improves the polymer processing, since the addition of calcium carbonate results in increased volumetric output and adding of plasticizer with lubricants will lead to improve the extrusion and injection process.

PE 002 allows faster melting during extrusion and quicker cooling of the extruded or molded product.


PE 002 is PE base polymer and the Maximum particle size of the Calcium Carbonate is 6µm which is especially for PE film, PE injection molding, blown molding and PE blown film.

Recommended Dosage

PE 002 addition: 10-30%.

According to machine setting operator can control the addition percent.

Technical Specs


Carrier Polymer


CaCO3 percentage



Natural white



CaCO3 medium particle size


CaCO3 Max. particle size

6 µm


1.85-1.90 gm/cm3

MFI 2.16 Kg/230 C

2.3-3.0 gm/10min

Moisture content

< 0.1%


In 25 Kg laminated PP bags


Store in cool and dry storage away from sunlight for the better life time.

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