Natural limestone powder



Natural limestone powder obtained from high purity, very white limestone mines with advanced technology. due to its chemical and physical properties it is used in wide applications such as exterior emulsion paints, industrial paints, adhesive, solvent based and water-based paints, paper, rubber, glass, water treatment and high gloss powder coatings, etc



Cost-effective filler: Limestone powder serves as a cost-effective filler in paper pulp, reducing the need for expensive wood pulp.

Abundant resource: Limestone is widely available, making it a sustainable and readily accessible option for paper manufacturers.

Improved printability and strength: The addition of limestone powder enhances the printability and strength of paper, resulting in higher quality and more durable products.

Enhanced surface properties: Limestone powder contributes to the smoothness, whiteness, and brightness of paper, making it visually appealing and improving overall print quality.



Physical characteristics 

Whiteness (ASTM E-313 or other equivalent standards): L* >97.7

Brightness % 96%

Moisture 0.20 %

Hardness by Moh's 3 Moh´s

Specific gravity 2.73 g/cm3

pH value                   9


Available sizes: CS40, CS10, CS30, CS35 and CS20 (Download TDS)


other sizes are available as per customer request.              


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