Talcum powder

Talc Powder For Paint Industry.



Owing to its whiteness and structure, Talc Powder For Paint Industry has gained prominence. Talc Powder , is particularly used in normal Paints, marine paints and protective coatings.


Benefits Of Talc Powder For Paint Industry:

  • Reinforcement of the Paint film
  • Reduction in the quantity of primary pigment consumed
  • Controls gloss of paints
  • Helps in suspending other pigments
  • Improves durability of Paint
  • Improves rust inhibitive properties & corrosion resistance
  • Improves stability of emulsion paints
  • Prevents enamel from running
  • In traffic paints for better abrasion resistance
  • Improves stain resistance in Paint
  • Enhancement of smoothness at the time of application
  • Our TDS
  • T20
  • T40

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