coated calcium carbonate powder

Description and applications Surface coated, very fine, Calcium Carbonate powder obtained from high purity, very white limestone with the highest technology. used in several Plastic applications such as PVC pipes, pvc compounds, Filler Master patch, PP and PP fille compounds, cables industries, Rubbers and leather industries, etc. Chemical analysis CaCO3 99.20% CaO 55.68% MgO 0.01% Fe2O3 0.03% SiO2 0.12% Al2O3 0.02% L.O.I 44.1% Physical characteristics Whiteness (ASTM E-313 or other equivalent standards): L* >97.7 Brightness % 96% Moisture 0.20 % Hardness by Moh's 3 Moh´s Specific gravity 2.73 g/cm3 General product data pH value 9 Stearic acid 1.00% Our Grades: CS40T, CS10T, CS30T, CS35T and CS20T (Download TDS) other sizes are available as per customer request.

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