Egyptian limestone is an ideal choice because of its high purity which means high calcium content. It is used in many industries such as feed industries, glass, water treatment and fiber glass applications. Other applications include steel and sugar industryas well. Limestone is extracted from egyptian mines with high purity and high whiteness then it is process in crushers to get the required sizes. Limestone granules for animal Feed Known as the essential ingredient in an animal’s skeletal system, calcium also plays a role in nerve impulse transmission, blood clotting, milk production and eggshell development. It impacts tooth development, heart beat regulation and reproduction. It’s the most abundant mineral found in the body, and adequate dietary levels of calcium are required daily. Our calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is an ideal choice because of its purity, high calcium content and high bioavailability.

Chemical Anyalysis

Item                                 %

Caco3                                                 99.2

Cao                                                     55.94

Mgo                                                     0.02

Fe2O3                                                0.014

Al2O3                                                  0.1

SiO2                                                   0.05

NaO3                                                  0.06

K2O                                                    0.001

SO4                                                    0.04

L.O.I                                                    43.3

Whiteness                                           93%

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